What’s on in the garden


Winter returned with a vengeance with 2 lots of snow. This delayed the normal spring display. We still even have a few snowdrops in flower. However spring is rushing in fast. the cherries are showing colour and the Magnolia lobneri is starting.  The early daffs are at their peak in the woodland and under the cherry. Soon the first of the hundreds of

N Actaea will start in the wild garden The bulbocodiums and the Snakes head fritillaries are just starting beside the pond. 

In the formal garden the tulips are just showing ready for their main display. The rock garden has many species tulips and the pots on the terrace are starting to show colour.

We are still working on our new S African display bed to house a collection of  Agapanthus, kniphofias, gladiolus, nerines, eucomis etc etc.

Do call in and help a very worthy cause. We have now broken the £5k mark!! Thank you so much! 

We are open every weekday 9-4pm £2.50 donation each for St Margaret’s (Somerset) Hospice.