Society and charity links

[Not a valid template]Our chosen charity for the garden open donations. For more information see

[Not a valid template]For details of all aspects of horticulture and the many flower shows around the country, contact The Royal Horticultural Society

[Not a valid template]If you want to know more about all aspects of daffodils why not contact The Daffodil Society

[Not a valid template]The Cyclamen Society exists to encourage cultivation and conservation, and to disseminate and extend knowledge of the genus Cyclamen and its species, forms and cultivars.

[Not a valid template]The Alpine Garden Society is devoted to the cultivation of Alpine plants.

[Not a valid template]Find out more about National Collections – the NCCPG exists to identify and conserve endangered or rare garden plants.

Gardens to visit & other links

[Not a valid template]Why not visit the famous Hodsock Priory Gardens for magnificent displays of Snowdrops. Near Worksop, Nottingham

[Not a valid template]Cheshire’s wonderful snowdrop garden in the grounds of a historic house Rode Hall

Snowdrops and lilies in a wonderful Northampton woodland setting of Evenley Wood Garden

To see bulbs in a beautiful garden setting, snowdrops & bluebell wood, wild flower meadows in N Northampton, just off the A14, Coton Manor Garden

[Not a valid template]One of the best collections of snowdrops in the country – near Cheltenham, Colesbourne Manor

Ness Botanic Gardens Why not visit their snowdrop collection? Join the Friends of Ness Gardens and help the gardens to grow!

[Not a valid template]See The Garden Web Directory for a useful list of gardening related websites chosen by professional gardeners.

[Not a valid template]For lists of other gardens open in the UK, why not look at

[Not a valid template]Want to grow something unusual from seed? Contact Plant World Seeds

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